The Treasure Hunt

Our latest exploration took us on a treasure hunt.  As I mentioned before, George and I usually start with the end of our trip in mind and then we decide what other location we want to hit along the way.  This weekend was no different; although, to some people they would think our final destination was an odd one…we knew we needed to make a trip to Gainesville to visit Trader Joe’s!  Every couple of months we find ourselves at Trader Joe’s stocking up on our favorite croissants and chocolates to send to Alex (our son who is a freshman in college).

Since Orlando does not currently have a Trader Joe’s, we make a day trip of it!  Once we decided to make the trip, we wanted to explore along the way.  Our explorations took us to Ocala for a little treasure hunting…and by treasure hunting, I mean attending an auction at Doug’s Auction Center.  We arrived early, so we could check out the items available for auction that day…and found a few miscellaneous things we wanted to bid on.

Auction every Sunday!


After leaving the auction, we jumped on State Road 441 to go to Gainesville.  It was a very scenic ride with lots of horse farms…and COWS (which you know I love)!  Before reaching Trader Joe’s, we went to Cymplify.  If you have not been to this Gainesville gem, you need to check it out.  The mission of the company “is to have a good time doing meaningful stuff. To help move people (including ourselves) from where we are to where we want to go.”  It is a market filled and surrounded by love, goodness, and community.

To move from where you are to where you want to go!

In addition to having a coffee shop, a healthy café with local produce, an ice cream shop, and a market filled with local products, they also host many events.  Some of these events include yoga classes, parenting workshops, food truck nights, open mic nights, and concerts.

While there, we picked up the first of their t-shirts representing their core values – Love! And, of course, we got some ice cream…which we enjoyed outside on the Adirondack chairs!



Check them out on facebook – and when you visit in person, make sure you say hello to Abby the cat!


After our two explorations, we were on our way to our destination – Trader Joe’s.  We stocked up on our goodies and headed home!  There are treasures all around…make sure you take the time to enjoy them!

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