Our Journey is Under Way!

The time is here! Vacation! After two days of driving, we woke up this morning in New Jersey…with anticipation of boarding our cruise today!

Our first leg of our trip was about 490 miles – driving through 4 states. We landed in Lumberton, NC with just enough time to get 6 hours of sleep and a hot breakfast provided by the hotel. George made sure the lady at the hotel knew that we have high expectations for breakfast since we own a breakfast food truck! She was so funny about making sure that everything was very enjoyable for us!

We are still practicing with our selfie stick. We have had a lot of laughs taking pictures. Check out this shot.


We decided to take the long way to New Jersey. We wanted to have some scenery other than what you normally find on I-95. While it would have been faster, it really does not give that “Off Your Beaten Path” experience! The sun didn’t shine for most of the day, but we were still glad that we went the way we did!

The Chesapeake Bay, even while overcast, was a beautiful scene.


For the second leg of our trip, we drove over 600 miles. We drove through 4 more states via US-58 east through Virginia and then US-13 North through Maryland and Delaware.

While in Nassawadox, Viriginia, we ate at the Little Italy Restaurant. It was AMAZING!!!! If you ever find yourself in this small town, you have to try this place. After eating there, it was very clear why they have been open for 22 years!




We arrived in Lyndhurst, NJ around 8:15 pm…and we were just ready to relax! However, before reaching the hotel we took one more selfie at a scenic overlook somewhere on the New Jersey Turnpike!


We are heading to New York City around noon today! We will post more once we reach Boston!

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