Boston: Always Strong

It has been a long time since I have visited Boston, but one of the fondest memories that I have is the ever present amount of culture and pride that exudes from those who call Boston home. This trip to Boston was no different.

After arriving in Boston, we took an Uber ride to Faneuil Hall. While we were exploring Faneuil Hall, we heard an announcement about a free tour that was going to be taking place. The tour was to be given by the National Park Service. Seeing as how we LOVE free things and National Parks, this was right up our alley!

The walking tour took about an hour and brought us through the key historical incidents that surrounded Faneuil Hall, the Boston Massacre, and the Tea Party. Our guide was Park Ranger Messing, and you could tell how passionate she was about the history of these events.



Once we finished the walking tour, we went on the hunt for the trolley stop. A couple of months ago, I was searching Boston’s and found a great deal on the hop on trolley ride. It was one fourth of the cost that I would have been charged had I purchased it as an excursion on the cruise!

We wandered around in circles for about 45 minutes looking for the trolley stop. However, after walking a couple of more blocks to get to a stop we had passed in the car, we realized that NONE of the stops are clearly marked. This would have been nice to know before we started on the search!

Here are a few pictures from our trolley ride:


The trolley took us around town and then we boarded a harbor cruise which gave us some of the best views of the day!




Before heading back to the ship, we made one last stop at Cheers – “Where everybody knows your name”. We had some appetizers and adult beverages…and then headed back to the ship for the evening.

Check out our and for more pictures!

Next stop – Portland, ME!

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