Land’s End – Portland and Beyond

Since George and I have been on many cruises, we have learned how to see the things we want to see and save some money in the process. While most people either do a shore excursion through the ship or just stay within walking distance of the port, we always seem to be marching to our own drum. For our next two ports, we reserved a rental car before we left for our trip.

We had to take a taxi to get the car, once we arrived in Portland, because the closest rental car place to downtown is at the airport. Once we picked up the car, we headed toward Freeport, Maine. Everyone that we spoke with said that we HAD to visit the L.L. Bean Store. Once we wandered around the store for a while, we ventured to the visitors center. It was here that our next “off your beaten path” adventure would begin.

We drove north and then east to the barrier islands off the coast of Maine. This drive was beautiful. We passed through several quaint towns, saw some wharfs where the lobsters are brought in daily, and we went as far as we could on Bailey Island!

Here are some pictures from a farmer’s market that we stopped to visit. It was taking place in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday!




Some more pictures taken along ME-24 South in Maine:




We even saw some wild turkeys on the side of the road!


Once we got to the end of Bailey’s Island, there was a great gift shop named “Lands End”. In addition to a great selection of souvenirs, they also had a great view! Check out George on the beach!


Next stop – St. John’s New Brunswick!

4 thoughts on “Land’s End – Portland and Beyond

  1. Rossenllini Watson says:

    These are some awesome pics Nicole. Next time you need to tell me where the next adventure will be so I can start packing in advance for it (laughing out loud).

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