The Bay of Fundy

My intention was to blog as we were traveling; however, that did not turn out as planned…sometimes it was due to no phone/internet service and sometimes we were just so tired from our fun filled days.  On our New England trip (of a lifetime), we visited a different city/cities every day!  Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing about those destinations, as well as about our adventures with Uber and with AirBnB.  When I left off, we had just visited Portland, Maine.  Our cruise ship next docked in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Upon arrival in New Brunswick, we were greeted by a local who gave me a rose and George a Canadian flag pin.  This was a nice touch!!  We walked to the Avis Car Rental, which was just a few blocks away.  Once we got our car, we were off to see the Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy.  Of course, like any road trip, we like to take the Byways.  It is always fun to discover some other great places along the way!


These are the types of roads we like to take.  It seems like there is a whole lot of nothing surrounding you, but then you stumble onto places like these parks and overlooks.


While using the bathroom at the facilities at this park, we heard the howl of a wolf…crazy!!!


We also had the opportunity to drive through some cute towns, including Alma.  Here are a few pictures from the drive.

IMG_3113 IMG_3115 IMG_3146 IMG_3155

The Hopewell Rocks, along the Bay of Fundy, is the home of the world’s highest tides.  During low tide you are able walk on the beach and see the rocks close up…but as the tide starts to rise, the beach is covered by water and the best way to visit the rocks would be in a kayak.

IMG_3128 IMG_3126 IMG_3123 IMG_3130

You will notice that the water is very brown here.  This is known as the Chocolate River effect and occurs because of the constant movement of water over the mud flats.

This trip would have cost us $120 per person if we would have done it through the cruise line.  It ended up costing us about $50 for the car rental, $50 for gas, and $18 for park admission.  We saved at least $122! And we got to explore Off Your Beaten Path!

Next stop – Halifax, Nova Scotia

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