Our day in Halifax, Nova Scotia

The last port that we visited on the cruise portion of our trip was Halifax, Nova Scotia.  This was the only port that we did not have any plans made ahead of time.  We just set out and explored the city by foot…up lots of hills!  At first, we weren’t really sure what we wanted to explore while we were in town but we found more than enough to keep us busy!

When we got off the boat, we explored the Harbourwalk.  This is a great walking trail, along the water.  It is filled with restaurants, stores, boat excursions and even this great bike rental company!


George and I were super excited this shipping container was being used as a business.  This is something we have been researching for a while!  We love the concept of using this inexpensive base to transform it into a viable business and/or living space.  This particular business allows you to rent bikes to tour the city on your own or in a guided tour setting.  For more information, check them out here: I Heart Bikes.

Here are some other pictures from this area, including Tim Horton’s, which is a must visit while in Canada. If you have never been to a Tim Horton’s, it is very similar to Dunkin Donuts.







We then headed into town where we visited the Catholic Church.


And ate some French fries from Bud the Spud – a food truck that has been in business for over 20 years…in the same spot.  As huge fans of French fries, these did not disappoint!  Just be careful of all the birds in the area, who are NOT afraid of people!




As food truck owners, we are always curious as how other cities handle their food truck ordinances.  In Halifax, they “assign” a spot to the truck.  The trucks are then able to vend in that location.

After our visit to Bud the Spud, we headed over to the Citadel…up another steep hill!

IMG_3213 IMG_3211 IMG_3233

Here is a picture of George and I at the top of the Citadel…loving our selfie stick!


I even found the Gordon Fisherman…oh wait, that is just George trying on hats in the gift shop!


The next stop on our journey was The Halifax Public Gardens.  Right in the center of the city, there is a beautiful public garden.  This garden opened in 1867 and became a National Historic Site in 1984!

20140918_141734  20140918_142937  20140918_141939

The Public Gardens are a great place to sit and reflect, enjoy some lunch, and even sketch the next great piece of artwork!

artist in the garden

After one more night on board the cruise ship, our next stop – New York City!

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