30 days until the trip of my dreams…How will I fit everything in?

passport pic

We have been missing in action for some time, but we are back and ready to share about our upcoming trip to Italy.  In 30 days, we will be leaving for the trip that I have always dreamed about!  George and I will be heading to Italy.  I feel like we have so much stuff already done, but there is so much more to work on!  While I have been dreaming of visiting Italy my whole life, I am now trying to figure out how we will fit in the “must see” places within the time frame that we will be there!  That is an exhausting task!

So far, this is what our itinerary looks like:

Days 1-3 – Arrive in Milan and head to Blevio, Italy in the Lake Como region!

Day 3 – Head to Stelvia Pass, so George can take this scenic roadway!  Stay in the Bormio, Italy!

Days 4 – 6 – Venice

Days 6 – 9 – Pistoia in the Tuscany region

Days 9 – 12 – Striano (near Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius)

Days 12 -16 – Rome

In the next few weeks leading up to our trip, I will share with you the places, attractions, cities, etc. that we hope to visit while on our road trip around Italy!  While I am certainly looking forward to visiting the iconic places in Italy, I am really looking forward to enjoying little towns and villages along the way!

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