Day one is under our belt!

Ciao!  We have survived our first day in Italy!  Last night our flight got delayed while leaving New York…due to lightning!  We left about two hours late because the ramp workers were not allowed outside during the inclement weather.  Unfortunately, what appears to have happened is that our luggage got left out in the rain…our luggage which does not have a hard cover.  So, you guessed it, all of our clothes are soaked!  Ha!  Our first lesson…buy a hard top suitcase for next time!

After only about a couple of shotty hours of sleep on the plane, we were off and running as soon as we landed!  We arrived in Blevio after only one small wrong turn.  Our hosts for our airbnb here are so amazing!  They were so gracious to help us carry our bags and show us around the place a bit.

We are staying in an adorable little village called Sopravilla.  There are no cars in the town, so you have to park and walk into the village.  There are steps upon steps and all of the walkways look very similar, but suprisingly we have managed to find our way home! 


We also took a drive into Como to try to find some lunch.  This is when we learned two more very important lessons: parking sucks in the city and restaurants are closed between approximately 3-5 pm.  When you are tired and hungry, these are hard lessons to learn!

Needless to say, we finally found food…and gelato!  Then we found a supermarket to buy some snacks and food for the next few days!  Lesson learned!

By the time we arrived back in Sopravilla, we were exhausted!  It was 6:45 pm Italy time…and I was ready for bed!  Now it is 2:16 am Italy time and I am wide awake!  I had an amazing 5 hours of sleep…and now I am ready to go for day 2!  Now I just need time to catch up with me. 

Italy is the real deal…the little details are all around and those are the things that make Italy so charming! 


Until next time, buona notte!

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