Ferry please!

For our adventure today, we drove to Bellagio…on a very narrow road with lots of turns and also lots of cyclists and motorcyclists who share the road with you!  If I had to drive, we would have been in trouble because I would’ve been terrified!  However, George has channeled his inner Jeremy Clarkson.  He is calm, quick, and confident…even when these crazy motorcyclists drive like maniacs!

Once we arrived in Bellagio,  we wandered around the town for a bit.  We wandered in shops, alleyways, and up steep staircases. 


We also finally got our first pizzas.  George got the salami pizza, and I got the pizza margherita.  This is where we saw the most adorable pug sitting at the table with his owners!



Everywhere we went today, there were tons of dogs.  Italians love their pups, and they take them all over!  Another reason to love this place!

After eating lunch, we headed by ferry to Varenna. 


We enjoyed walking through this town also…and even went to the gardens at Villa Monastero where we saw lots of beautiful trees, flowers and even caught a glimpse of some olives.


Before leaving Varenna, we grabbed some gelato because I am on a mission to have gelato every day we are here.  We are now 2 for 2!


While traveling those narrow streets home, we saw the police investigating a car accident, which I am sure was caused by the motorcyclist.  Have I mentioned that they drive crazy?!  The police officers had a measuring tape and they were taking all sorts of measurements to determine what happened.  It was actually interesting to watch!


Once we arrived home, we wanted to catch the sunset from the garden on the back side of this house.  It did not disappoint!


What an awesome day!  One last important detail was our crazy experience of the day: public pay restrooms.  It was a bizarre experience…like an elevator that you go pee in, but only after you pay .50 euro.  So crazy and a new experience for this American traveler!


Tomorrow, we leave Lake Como for a night in the alps, via a side trip through Switzerland!

2 thoughts on “Ferry please!

  1. Paul S says:

    I envy you!
    October is my favourite time of year to visit Lake Como, free from the crowds that throng mid-lake in the summer months. Wishing you a safe journey through Switzerland and fingers crossed the weather is fine so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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