Nothing beats a good road trip!

When I told people that we were renting a car and driving through Italy, they thought we were crazy.  I am sure that taking the train is easy and convenient,  but today reaffirmed why George and I love the road trip so much!  After leaving Blevio this morning, we drove up to Lake Lugano in Switzerland!  While only in Switzerland for a few hours, we really enjoyed the city!  It was so clean, felt very safe, and was super expensive!


The view of that lake was amazing! 


While in town, we made sure to buy some Swiss chocolate…and we tried roasted Castagna (chestnuts).  I was a fan; George, not so much! Here is a picture after I cracked the shell!


The ride from Lugano to Bormio, Italy was amazing!  We were able to see vineyards, apple orchards, corn, goats, chickens, and my favorite…mucca!  The sounds of their cow bells were amazing!  As silly as it sounds, this has been a highlight of the trip for sure!




The whole time we were driving, I was thinking of how disappointed I would have been if we had taken the train and I missed all of these places!  Of course, I also made mental note of places to stay next time we come to Italy!

We arrived in Bormio in the late afternoon, and we have fallen in love with this place!  It is so charming!  The town has a lot to offer…not too big and not too small!



Once again, we also picked an adorable airbnb: Chalet Alfonz! Our host is delightful and gave us some baked goods and tips for while we were in town!


Check out the view of the Swiss Alps from here!  Yes, that is snow on the top of the mountain AND red leaves on the fence (a sure sign that Fall has arrived here)! We don’t get to enjoy these things back in Florida!


After arriving back to the Chalet, we enjoyed some yummy food that we bought while in town!  Later, we will enjoy the Limoncello!


Tomorrow, we have another awesome road trip planned.  Fingers crossed that the rain holds off, so we can enjoy the ride to Venice via the Stelvio Pass!

2 thoughts on “Nothing beats a good road trip!

  1. Paul S says:

    Wow you’ve certainly been blessed with the weather.
    I enjoyed your photographs, I really like Lugano, although when I visited for a day last year the rain absolutely lashed down without a break. On a good day though, it has a feel of the Mediterranean; or at least it does to me.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • ngoodman15 says:

      Today was our first day with bad weather! We could hardly see anything as we crossed Stelvio Pass! I am crossing my fingers that it clears up by tomorrow! Time for Venice! Thanks for following along!

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