Hot spas and cold mountains!

We have fallen in love with Bormio…in the Swiss Alps of Italy!  We only planned one night in town, but this is a place we want to come back to visit.  It is the perfect mountain town in Italy.  The perfect size and an abundance of charm and character!

We stayed in an adorable place called Chalet Alfonz.  It was super close to town, which was a bonus because it gave us a chance to explore the city.  We went to the local salumeria and got some cheese and salami for dinner, as well as eggs for breakfast in the morning!


Chalet Alfonz in Bormio, Italy.


The old church in Bormio.

In the morning before we left Bormio, we visited the QC Terme.  It is a naturally heated thermal spa on the side of the mountain.  There were lots of different roman baths, pools, and even a grotto to enjoy.  You can read more about the spa here:  QC Terme.  It was a great way to relax before the stress of our trip through the Stelvio Pass!


The main reason why we took the detour to Bormio was because of the Stelvio Pass.  It is supposed to be one of the best driving roads in the world!  Of course the massive amounts of turns and the climb up the mountain are scary even on a clear day.  Unfortunate for us when we drove it, it was cold and cloudy.  I am not sure if this made me more or less scared because I could not see the terrifying heights we were reaching!


Once we got to the top (a mere 2760 meters tall), we were greeted by snow flurries!  We took a few pictures and bought some souvenir stickers, but then we wandered into the cutest little bar/restaurant on the mountain.  This is where we got to enjoy Italian hot chocolate by the fire place!  What a nice treat!



The way down was suprisingly not as scary as the way up, but I have to tell you that those turns through the mountain were scary.  It was like the mountain had banked corners for race cars!  We were sad that we did not get to enjoy the views we were hoping for, but we were glad that we had a chance to experience it!  Check out photos of the pass Stelvio info.

Our drive to Venice brought us through a beautiful part of Italy!  We saw lots of apple orchards and drove through many towns which had a very German influence and presence!


Another great drive through Italy!  More about our arrival in Venice soon!

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