Treasure Hunting in Lucca, Italy!

One of our favorite past times (next to travel) is searching for unique vintage items!  For me, this is like the great treasure hunt.  Once we started planning our trip to Italy, I knew that it needed to include a little bit of treasure hunting.  We selected Lucca as our treasure hunting destination because they have a huge antique market on the third Saturday and Sunday of every month.  Over 200 vendors set up throughout this town in Tuscany!  You can find everything from artwork to furniture (and everything in between)!  The furniture in this place was AMAZING!  If I lived closer, or had researched shipping options before our trip, we probably would have come home with some awesome pieces!

Of course, after all of our treasure hunting we were hungry, so we stopped off to get some pizza…and some patata arrostita from Trattoria da Nonna Clara. The potatoes were truly delicious!!!  Below are some pictures from around town!  If you find yourself in the Tuscany region of Italy, please visit Lucca!  It is a very quaint and charming town!

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