Got Milk?

During a recent trip to Sanibel Island, my family and I made a slight detour to visit Dakin Dairy Farms.  This visit had been anticipated for over a year, but we just did not have the time to do it before now!  For a city girl who loves cows, this place was amazing!

The day was cold and dreary, but the our moods were joyous because of the experience that we had!  Dakin Farms is a working dairy farm in Myakka, FL.  They have a great shop, a restaurant, and a tour that does not disappoint!

I would highly recommend this place for people who love to go off the beaten path.  Sure theme parks and beaches are great, but Dakin Farms is a true piece of Florida!  On our tour, we got to learn about the milking, bathing, and eating habits of the cows.  We also got to see a pig race, feed calves, taste milk from the farm, and make our own butter!

Here are some pictures of our visit.  Tours are $15 per person!  Here is their website for times and dates:


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