Top 5 things to do while in Cartegena, Colombia

Have a long weekend?  If so, Cartegena might be a great place to visit!  Here are the top five things to do while visiting Cartegena:

1.  Wander around the old city…and don’t forget your camera!  There are so many colorful buildings and beautiful wooden doors to photograph!  Take in all of the sights and sounds of the city!



2.  Eat an Arepa…or two or three!  And don’t forget to try one with egg!  

3.  If you are in town while cruise ships are in port, go hold a sloth!  For a couple of dollars, you can get your picture taken with an adorable sloth.  Just venture to Plaza Pierino Gallo (in the new city).  Go to the second level, and you will experience pure happiness!

4.  Visit the Castillo de San Felipe – the views from the fort are magnificent!   You can see the walled old city and the impressive skyline of the new city!  Make sure you buy a bottle of water before you venture into the fort!  It is hot up there!

5.  Watch the sunset from on top of the walled city and then hop on board the party bus…all you can drink rum and coke, some food, some dancing, and a band playing live music (just don’t expect any English speaking as part of the tour)!

Most importantly, it is hot, hot, hot in Cartegena!  Bring a towel, drink lots of water, and enjoy the culture!


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