Colorado: Our Latest Frontier 

People always ask us how we are able to travel so often. We are not “rich” people, but we are resourceful and make an effort to budget for travel!  While some people want to stay in luxury hotels, we have come to realize that most of our time is spent exploring, so paying an exorbitant amount of money on a place to sleep is crazy!

Our latest travel journey has brought us to Colorado Springs, CO.  “Why”, you ask?  Because we got cheap air fare…and we have never been!  Most of our adventures begin with searching for cheap airfare.  Once we find a cheap flight, the rest of the trip takes shape!  

For us, Frontier Airlines has become a gateway to lots of great places! I subscribe to their daily deal emails, so when I get a hankering for travel and a great deal ends up in my inbox, I have to snatch it up.  This trip to Colorado Springs is no different!  Our roundtrip flights for two people cost us $162.40! We cut down on our flight cost by only packing a backpack for each of us.  This allows us to skip the bagage fees.  So, for less than $41 per person each way, a trip is born!

We have been diehard airbnb travelers for the last two years.  We love that you can find an awesome, affordable home or room to stay in while traveling.  Not only are the accommodations great, but they have a great referral and incentive program.  Share your referral code with others.  If they use your code, they get a discount off their first stay and you get a credit once they complete their stay.  Win, win!  

We have also been hosts at our home for over a year.  Being a host allows us to feel like we are traveling without leaving our home.  Having guests from all over the world gives us a chance  to learn about many cultures!  

Now back to our Colorado trip…Because we are “Superhosts”, Airbnb rewarded us with a $100 travel credit (just in time for us to book our room for this trip). Therefore, not only is our room a great deal at $40 a night, but due to our credit from the company, we only have to pay $26 for 3 nights!  For more information about traveling or hosting with Airbnb, check out this link: Airbnb 

We searched for a few weeks to find the best car rental deal, which we finally got through a discount offered by my husband’s employer.  Our car rental only cost us $90.  

Once the destination was picked, we researched things to do while we are in town and created an “itinerary”.  This allowed us to search the internet for coupons and even Groupons!  We use both at home for food and attractions, so it only makes sense to do it when we travel also!

This base price of this trip (airfare, room, and car) cost us  $278.40!  Once we factor in food and entertainment costs, the total cost for our trip will be less than $500…for two people!  So, being resourceful and looking for the best deals is how we afford to travel!  We hope that we can inspire others to get out and see the world!  Life is short; time to get Off Your Beaten Path!

We will be posting tons of pictures of our Colorado adventure!  Hope you will follow along and enjoy!

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