Finding Employment Gold!  Our Job Search in Skagway

For those of you who may be considering getting off your beaten path, the question that most often arises is what type of work will I be doing while I am on the road?  Unless you are independently wealthy, which we definitely are not, you will need to financially support your new lifestyle.  How can YOU do it?  It really just depends on what you are looking for in your travel adventures and how you can use your natural gifts, skills and talents to find a way to make a living that also leaves you emotionally fulfilled.

When Nicole and I decided to make the jump into this Alaskan workamping adventure, we took a long look at each others skills and experience. My background in bus operations and customer service naturally lead me towards a similar job in Alaska! Nicole wanted to parlay her networking and social media prowess along with her love of people and public speaking into a job where she could flourish by putting people as a priority !   The first place that we started our job search was with Princess Cruise Lines.  After all, the couple we met that worked in Alaska during our Panama Canal trip, told us about the Princess Cruise lines Alaska job site. Princess had bus driver/tour guide positions available all over Alaska! For me already being a bus driver, this seemed to be a perfect fit. I interviewed with them and was pretty much hired immediately!  I will earn a salary, with bonus opprtunities, tips, and travel discounts!  Oh yeah, and the office looks like this everyday!

Princess Cruises offers a lot of amazing benefits to their summer workers including low cost housing,  but they do not allow dogs in the housing, nor do they offer rv parking.  Considering we are bringing a sassy puggle and a retired racing greyhound with us, we had to find other summer accommodations.
While Nicole had also applied for a job with Princess Cruises, but we really wanted to find a place that would allow us to live with our pups as part of our employment benefits.  We found a great group on facebook that allowed us to post what we were looking for in terms of work and living.  This is how we learned about the Corrington family.  They offer a workamper program that also provides a great deal on an rv parking/living spot while employed.  

Nicole was able to interview with Mrs. Corrington and was offered a position working in their retail locations, as well as providing administrative support. This position will be a natural fit for her! As part of her employment, we were able to secure an rv spot to live…at an extremely reduced rate! You can check out more information about their workamper program here: Corrington Enterprises.  Everything is now falling into place!

The thought of traveling all the way across the country might seem scary and daunting; however, if you make a list of items that need to get done and work your way through the list, each step brings you closer to your next adventure. For us, getting jobs and finding a place to live made it all real and attainable!

Maybe Alaska is not your cup of tea, but you are still looking for an exciting  job outside of that cubicle.  Check out these sites for great jobs:  USA Jobs ( type in keyword: National Parks), Cool Works, and Workamping jobs

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!  We would love to help in any way!

5 thoughts on “Finding Employment Gold!  Our Job Search in Skagway

  1. Peggy Morrison says:

    Sounds like everything has been settle with a great opportunity for you both!
    Looking forward to your posts & photos
    Hope I get to see you before you leave
    Love you guys Peggy

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