America the Beautiful – Our Travel Itinerary

It is hard to believe that we are just 28 days away from our biggest adventure yet!  We are in the final planning stages of our journey, and to say we are a excited might be an understatement!  

We have recently sold our pick up truck and are still working on selling our Honda Fit and buying our van!  There are still so many little things to get done in order to prepare for our departure, but we just keep working through the list a little bit at a time!

We will be taking our time getting to Alaska and have allowed ourselves about 28 days to get there.  Ultimately, we knew that if we were going to make this journey happen, we wanted to enjoy every minute of it!  

Back in November, we bought our America the Beautiful annual pass.  This is the annual pass that allows entrance into more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, including all of the National Parks!  The pass costs a mere $80, which is such a great value considering a day pass to the parks can be $20+.  These passes are offered free for military personnel and students in the fourth grade.  A senior pass is also available for those who are 62 years old or over.  The senior pass is only $10, which is good for the rest of their life.  More information can be found at National Park Services.

When determining our route to Alaska, we first made a list of places we would like to see along the way.  From that list, we have determined our route.  We are very aware that weather may deter some of our plans, as spring weather can still bring snowstorms to some of our destinations.  Scary thought for these Floridians!  However, this is the list of places we hope to visit while on the road:  

  • Hot Springs National Park – Arkansas
  • Oklahoma City National Memorial – Oklahoma
  • Badlands National Park – South Dakota
  • Mount Rushmore National Park – South Dakota
  • Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming
  • Glacier National Park – Montana
  • Banff National Park – Alberta
  • Jasper National Park – Alberta

We do plan on seeing lots of cool places along way, so if you have any recommendations, please leave us a comment!  More to come soon!

9 thoughts on “America the Beautiful – Our Travel Itinerary

  1. usathroughoureyes says:

    This is so exciting! I know it is for you but you gotta realize its exciting for us too because we get to ride along with you through your pictures and words. Alaska, ahhhh Alaska. We are envious in a good way. A place we one day will go. Your route is filled with great places. We experienced the Badlands and Yellowstone and they are awesome. The park pass is a thing you won’t regret. At first we were hesitant but after visiting them we are impressed. Be safe out there and keep us posted (pun intended), lol.

  2. Pete says:

    Please, please do not start your road trip before buying a copy of “The Milepost”. I have driven back and forth from PA to Alaska 8 times and the milepost has every road and every thing there is to do and see for every mile of the roads in Canada and Alaska. Even after living in Alaska for 20 years I sometimes just enjoy reading the Milepost looking for places i may have missed stopping at. Have a safe and great trip!

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