Some of My Favorite Things

As we conclude our second day of driving to Alaska, I don’t have many pictures to share from the trip yet.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty.  We just wanted to cover a lot of ground early, so we could spend time in the places we really want to see!

This post is more about the comforts that we will miss back home in Orlando.   You see, I am an Orlando native…born and raised!  While this trip is very exciting, it really is taking us out of our comfort zones.  Therefore, the week before we left, we made sure to spend time with loved ones, visit our favorite places, and enjoy our favorite foods!

Since George was leaving his job of 13 years at Walt Disney World, we needed to fit in a few last trips to the parks!  We enjoyed our favorite Mickey pretzel and cheese and of course Mickey ice cream bars.  I am not sure why these bars are so delicious,  but we are suckers for them!

We also made sure to ride Big Thunder Mountain one more time, so we could be the rowdiest bunch on the train!  We love to cheer emphatically as we pull into the station at the end of the ride!  

We also attended the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival,  so we could chill in the Tequila Cave with our family…and then take silly sombrero pictures!

And we could not leave Epcot without our favorite festival drink from France – Rose en Vie!  Every year, we look forward to this treat!

We also went to some of our favorite local spots!  We went for sno-cones at Rainbow Sno-cones , which is an Orlando staple!  Great small business owned by super awesome people!  If you have never been, or have not been in a while…go see Bob!  

We ate at our favorite pizzeria twice in the week before we left, because let’s face it, besides our families,  we will miss this place the most!  They serve the best pizza, garlic knots and “life changing” meatballs!  Del Dio Pizza is run by the hardest working man in town!  John only takes Sundays off…and never takes a vacation!  So, go support his business…and fall in love with the food and people who work there!  I miss it already!

We did make one last trip to New Smyrna Beach, so we could feel the sand in our toes one last time before heading north!  The day could not have been more perfect! 

We had a going away party on the Saturday before we left.  We were so blessed that friends and family came to see us off on our trip…and generously gave us gas money and a spare tire for the trailer!  We were so busy enjoying everyone that we did not take any pictures!  Horrible!  But I did manage to get these pictures from the day before we left!

We already miss home, but we are excited that you will be following along on this journey!  

We are officially out west…and here is a picture to prove it!  

We crossed the Mississippi River this afternoon and will be calling Hot Springs, Arkansas “home” for the next two days.  More to come soon!  Enjoy the ride!
And make sure to follow us on Instagram @offyourbeatenpath.  We will be sharing additional pictures on there!

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