Our Story

We are George and Nicole from Orlando, FL! From the beginning of our relationship, we have always wanted to travel!  The idea that we can make memories and spend quality time with one another has always been a motivating factor.  At the age of 40, with our son already in college, we have found ourselves to be early bird “empty nesters”.  This only led us to travel more often!  After the untimely death of Nicole’s mother, we knew that there was more out there for us to experience!  We did not want to reach the end of our lives with thoughts of “what if” or “I wish I would have done this or that.”

Being young, capable and in search of a more meaningful life, we have made the decision to leave our mundane jobs in exchange for a summer in the “Last Frontier”!  We are trading in our Florida flip flops for a once in a lifetime adventure in Alaska!  We will be documenting our journey as we take the leap.  From the conception and planning of our “crazy” idea to the road trip that lies ahead, we want you to share in the adventure!  We hope to inspire others to live their life Off Your Beaten Path!


6 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Love your “about” page. Go get em. Yes there is a wonderful world out there that needs to be explored and the experiences shared for all to hear and see. TV is fun if you like living vicariously because you can’t get out there but to get out there is the real deal. We are enjoying our adventures on the road and every time we get ready to go we become even more enthused and when we return the cycle begins all over again.

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